Upcoming titles I’m excited for in 2018


2018 has already been so jam-packed with quality titles, it’s hard to keep up. Monster Hunter World, Ni No Kuni 2, Mario Tennis Aces, just to name a few.
But enough about them, let’s talk about some games that aren’t out yet.
I’m going to go in chronological order here…

Okami HD (Switch) – August 9th


Have you ever played Okami? This game has been re-released so many times, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have, but even then this game forever struggles to garner mainstream appeal, for whatever reason.

If you own a switch, and you enjoyed Breath of the Wild, but were left yearning for a slightly more traditional-style Zelda, then this is a game for you.
But also, if you like video-games in general, this one right here is good. It’s very good.

Large open worlds, a gorgeous painterly traditional Japanese art-style, endearing story, fantastic characters, incredible music, it’s got it all.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Switch)

– August 28th


This is a weird one because I’m not sure how.. Excited, I am for this, technically speaking. I’m excited that it’s getting a Western release, and am happy for the fans that so desperately wanted it. Problem being that we have Monster Hunter World now, and that is on almost every level, the superior game.
Regardless, I’ll no doubt pick this up some day when I have travelling to do, because Monster Hunter is Monster Hunter, and having a portable version in HD is mind-blowingly cool.

This entry features the controversial weapon arts, allowing you more in-depth control of how you handle each weapon.
There are also… So many monster. Just so, so many. This will keep you going forever and a day.


Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an elusive age (PS4)

– September 4th


Now, let me just say that I don’t know a whole lot about Dragon Quest, having only played the 9th entry on the Nintendo DS back in the day.
That doesn’t however, stop me from oogling over how good looking this game is. The world is gorgeous, the music is familiar yet just modern enough to work, the animations are brilliantly charming.

I cannot wait for this. It’s something I know will be a serious time commitment, so I can’t say whether it’ll be a day one buy for me, but this is definitely very high on my to-play list.


Spider-man (PS4) – September 7th


This is an interested one because I haven’t been keeping up with all the details for this game, I’ve only seen the E3 presentations and my judgements are based exclusively on those.
But damn does this look good. Well, I say that but I’m a little sceptical to see whether it’ll be as fun to play as it is to look at.

Either way, the animation team on this one have completely outdone themselves, it looks outstanding, and I can’t wait to see how the gameplay holds up.


Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (PS4, Xbox One) – September 21st



What catches my eye here is the sheer amount of pure effort that has gone into making this game look as beautiful as possible. The art direction is astounding, and that level of brilliance reaches too into the animation side of things.
I’m not someone who has played the original games. In fact, the only Spyro game I’ve ever played through is a GameBoy one called Season of flame, which I enjoyed, but it’s not the traditional Spyro, I gather.

I can’t wait to play this, and with it just so happening to be a three in one bundle? You know I’ll be picking this up as soon as it’s out.


Dragonball Fighter Z (Switch) – September 28th


While Nintendo’s E3 conference was a little lacklustre for the most part, there were some gems hidden in there.
One of which being Dragonball Fighter Z! It was a “blink and you missed it” moment, the game flew by in a montage, had a neat little demo and was out of there, without further mention. Weird.

Regardless, this looks to be a fantastic port, keeping the quality of the game very much alive and well for the Switch. Which I find to be quite impressive. Way to go, little Switch buddy!


Mega Man 11 (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC) – October 2nd


Ooooh man. A new Mega Man game that doesn’t look terrible? Yup, yup. Sign me the hell up. This feels like a “we’re sorry this happened” make-up game after the infamous Mighty No. 9 was marketed as a spiritual successor to the Mega Man series, and subsequently disappointed just about everyone.

I must say, as exciting as it is to finally get a new Mega Man, I’m a little disappointed that it’s a relatively low budget title. Animations are a little stiff, environments are a little bland, etc. But hopefully this will be a success and lead to future games getting better funding.



Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee (Switch)

– November 16th


I haven’t exactly been shy about my feelings with these games. I have a lot of concerns, for various, various reasons.
But simply considering the game in front of me, looking at it purely as its own thing, I am still excited to try it out. I think.

I say all this about the game, and yet I’ll probably be out there one day one to buy the collectors edition with the cool pokeball controller. Damn you Nintendo and your excellent marketing!


Super smash bros. Ultimate (Switch) – December 7th


Here we go, here it is. Game of the year. Smash on Switch is everything every fan could have ever wanted and more.
Every character from every previous entry? Hell yes. A more refined, updated version of Smash 4? Absolutely perfect. Gamecube controller support? Yup!
Ridley..? YOU BETCHA!

It’s got it all. But here’s hoping the online play actually works this time!



And that’s that. That’s my list. It’s pretty long, so the odds of me actually finding the time (and money) to play all of these this year are brilliantly low. But hey, I’ll try.


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