Doom Eternal is coming to Switch and that is mega cool

doom eternal headpiece.png

During Bethesda’s annual Quake-con earlier in the week, they thought it kind to bring it to our attention that they’re porting Doom Eternal to the Switch, and- Wait, hold up- really? Woah.
Hard to believe that a full-on AAA like this is coming to Switch, it’s incredible.
The lovely folks over at Panic Button are handling the port too, which lays any fears of it being a bad port to rest. (They handled the initial Doom port to the console.) 

Doom Eternal will feature double the demons, and some returning favourites from older games. Those same demons are now destructible too, meaning with every shot you’re breaking off pieces of armour/flesh etc. Hell yes.
Along with a multitude of improvements, a big feature this time around is the addition of a grappling hook they’re dubbing the “meat hook”, which allows you to propel yourself toward enemies from a distance and.. Well, shoot them in their destructible faces.


I’m thrilled to see the Switch getting this kind of support, and I sincerely hope it continues.

Are there any particular titles you’re hoping to see arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid console? I know I’d like a Final Fantasy 15 for the road, that’s for sure.


Check out the official Doom Twitter accounts for updates on the game: 


Doom Eternal is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.


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