It’s (finally) official, Diablo 3 is coming to the Switch!

diablo overhead

After months of having it supposedly confirmed, and then un-confirmed, multiple times. Blizzard’s popular Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is officially announced for Switch!
As well as the full base game, this version will feature the “Reaper of Souls” expansion and “Rise of the Necromancer” DLC on the cartridge. Neat. 

So hey, remember this, now infamous, tweet? We weren’t crazy, they were teasing it. Freakin’ heck.

Now, personally I’ve never been the biggest Diablo fan. I played 3 when it first launched and couldn’t really get into it. I hear the Reaper of souls stuff improved on it a lot? But ah, my mouth was already soiled.

The big question on my mind is whether this working relationship between Blizzard and Nintendo could go further. Could this mean Overwatch on Switch? I mean.. I have a feeling that, even if they did get that working, it might end up just being a little too heavy on the poor little thing. Even getting something like Heroes of the Storm would be sweet though.
Hey, a man can dream!


If you’re interested, you can see the full reveal video below:


Diablo 3: Eternal Collection launches on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.


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