Nindies direct coming tomorrow, Monday 20th?!

nindies overhead

Okay, okay, hear me out on this.

So we all know we’re due another one of these smaller directs, highlighting some of the yet to be released indie titles heading to Switch. Since E3, I think anyone who follows Nintendo has been watching, and waiting, to see… What’s up. Because surely, we all say, there is more to see.

Now, after quite a few rumours of August directs and whatnot, I’m not totally surprised to see a couple of indie studios beginning to hype up the same specific date.

First up, we’ve got Morphies Law, telling us “Whatever you’re doing, make sure that you have plenty of energy left for Monday…”
Sounds like they’re ready for release, or at least, ready to announce a release date.
here’s their tweet:


And then, excitingly, we’ve got the folks over at Gears for Breakfast, hyping up a “Special announcement” to be made on August 20th.
I realise these same people are well known for denouncing the existence of a Switch port. And generally sounding like they.. Really don’t want to do that.
But you never know, the game would sell brilliantly on the platform.
Here’s their tweet:

Interesting, right?

I must admit that the Hat in Time poster does appear to be something more akin to a boss rush mode, however, I’ve just got a hunch. This could all be coincidence and I could be totally crazy, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!


In the meantime, have you noticed any other studios bringing up the 20th? What do you think of all this?


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