So hey, a direct happened.

direct overhead

Ohoho, it actually happened. Morphies Law and all.
It was actually a much longer presentation than expected as well, a full 20 minutes! Goodness.

So what did we get? Well… Not a lot, for most people. But in the case of supporting smaller studios, Nintendo is nailing it. It’s fantastic to see some of these (very small) upcoming developers given a platform to showcase their work.

  • Everspace looks pretty cool. Seems to be an homage to StarFox, in the same sense that Fast is to F-Zero. I like it.
  • Baba is You is a brilliantly charming little thing about pushing words around in clever ways to solve puzzles. An example being that you’d move the word “blocked” out of the way to open a door. That sort of thing.
  • Terarria is coming to Switch. In… 2019. Hard to say why that’s taking so long, but I suppose it was just enough to say “Hey, we’re still working on it, don’t worry.”.
  • My personal favourite announcement is that Moonlighter is coming to Switch this Autumn. We’ve known for some time that it was releasing, we just didn’t know when. And we.. Kinda still don’t? But it’s better than nothing.
  • For those that are interested, Morphies Law, the size altering, mayhem-ensuing shooter is also releasing.. Today. Sweet.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind, I’m sure. Well…. On mine at least. Where is this “A Hat in Time” announcement, and what is it? Is it completely unrelated to Nintendo? I have many questions, but we should find out very soon…


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