Arena of Valor Switch pre-registration is live, comes with goodies

arena of valor title head

A MOBA on Switch? A MOBA on Switch. Colour me excited.
I was a huge League of Legends fan back in the day, but had to separate myself from the game due to it’s infamous fan-base. It can be a very toxic environment.
I’ll often miss it and wish I could play a game or two, but I regret it every time I go back!
Enter Arena of Valor, and it’s announcement to bring the game to Switch.

It looks to be a carbon copy of League, only crafted for a mobile experience, thus simplifying things a bit. I personally wouldn’t play it on a phone, but if it’s on Switch then hell yeah I’ll give it a go.
The game currently features 57 playable characters, including… Wonder Woman and The Joker? What? Interesting.

You can pre-register now, and receive these goodies:


I mean… I don’t know what any of these do. But you can be sure that I banged my email in there, so I guess I’ll find out when the game launches in September, next month!

For updates on the game, you can check out their official website here:

Or follow their Twitter account here:


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2 thoughts on “Arena of Valor Switch pre-registration is live, comes with goodies”

  1. I managed to get into the closed beta and enjoyed my short time with the game. I’m actually in the same situation as you with League of Legends. I used to play it with my friends but I was never any good, leading to people always yelling and insulting me. Hopefully Arena of Valor players are nicer.


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