Blizzard, just release a movie already

overwatch overhead

Blizzard have a history of releasing these fantastic, high quality animated shorts to help promote and add to the worlds of their games, which in turn sends the internet into a fan-art flurry.
This is all especially true when it comes to their most recent release, Overwatch.
The shorts they bring out for the multiplayer shooter are on a ridiculously high level, so high in fact, that it’s not uncommon for a comparison to Pixar to be made.

Now, of course, there’s a big, big difference between making a two-hour film compared to a 10 minute short. But the talent on display at Blizzard’s animation department is something to behold.
I’ve always admired the amount of polish every one of their games is given. When you open the Blizzard App there is an immediate sense of quality, and that feeling doesn’t go away throughout your time in their games. They’re a rarity in the industry, and not enough people praise them on this point.


But really, Blizzard… Just make a movie already. Everyone wants it. I know you could kinda count the Warcraft movie? But I think what people really crave is something developed fully in-house, by the same teams that create these beautiful, shiny, snippets of worlds that we see in these shorts.

The recently released D.Va short gives us a look into her past, and relays to us a better understanding of her motivations.
Plus we get to see her with her hair down, without the face-paint. Just doing her thing. It really adds a lot to the character, and personally, has made me like her quite a bit more.

I won’t spoil it all, but expect some brilliant Korean representation. You can watch it here:


Do you think they should look into developing movies? And if so, what franchise would you like to see one based on?


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