Hang on, what… Another Nindies direct?!


Okay, I know they said “more coming very soon” but I did not expect another full direct this soon, what. This makes me question if this is more the “real” direct, since the last one was technically titled a “showcase”? And focused on much smaller titles. Neat, if so.

Interestingly, the announcement was only posted on the American Nintendo Twitter account, with no mention of it at all on the UK and Europe accounts.
Seems a bit odd, but I question if this one will focus more on American developers? Hard to say. Either way, I don’t have many guesses as to what could show up.

I suppose it’s safe to say we’ll see some Wargoove, and… They can’t really show their faces again without a release date, so I’d imagine, and hope at least, that we’d get that.

Super Meat Boy Forever, seems like another likely candidate to show up, and then be given a release date. Been a while since we heard about it.

They might touch on the recently announced A Hat in Time too. But… After that, it’s anyone’s guess. Some indie titles I’d love to see come Switch-side are Guacamelee 1&2, FTL: Faster than Light, and Titan Souls. See, I don’t ask for much!
They all seem like perfect candidates for Switch releases, so I completely believe we’ll see all of them eventually, it’s just a matter of when.

Also, a little bit out there, but do you think we’ll get a surprise Smash character reveal from an indie game? And if so, who? Seems unlikely as I’d imagine Shovel Knight would have been the character for that. But you never know I suppose, maybe Shantae! (I doubt it).

What do you think will be announced? You can watch the Direct at 9:00 am PT, or 17:00pm, UK time.
Here’s the official tweet, with a link to where you can watch it:


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