Are we getting a sequel to The World Ends With You next year?

twewy 2 overhead

The World Ends With You is literally my favourite game of all time. Coming from someone who has played video-games throughout his entire life, I hope you take that for what it means. This game is a work of art. It should be hanging in the worlds most prestigious museums, I seriously cannot praise it enough.

But that’s not really what we’re here to talk about. I want to know if we could be seeing a sequel soon, or.. Ever, for that matter.

It’s not exactly something that begs to be continued, it’s quite nicely self-contained. However, I have a suspicion, a feeling… And boy do I hope I’m not wrong. For whatever reason, there’s been a lot of movement around the “TWEWY” name lately. Square Enix have been bringing it up more than you’d expect them to with a now eleven year old title.

Back in 2012 (yikes, that makes me feel old) a teaser website was found online, with a countdown, and a backdrop that was clearly “TWEWY”. This sent the internet into a frenzy, with some people, myself included, basically certain that this was going to be a new game announcement. But no… The timer finally ended, and disappointed everyone with the reveal of an iOS port of the original game. An arguably expensive iOS port at that. ($17.99 I believe). But it doesn’t end there…

The countdown timer, as displayed on the website.

That same year, characters from “TWEWY” showed up in the new Kingdom Hearts game, Dream Drop Distance. It was cool seeing them as 3D models, even if they weren’t the best looking ones, and this lead to me buying and playing my first Kingdom Hearts game.
But this showed an even deeper interest in the title, and back then people were convinced this all had to be leading to something, and it never did, oddly enough.
Perhaps at this point, a sequel was pitched and in the works, but never really found its footing? It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that, it’s an extremely tough world to build upon.

maxresdefault (1)
Neku and Joshua as they appear in “Dream drop distance”.

The biggest hint we have though, which feels more like a confirmation than a hint, is at the very end of the iOS port. After the credits have played, you’re treated to a brief clip, which to any fan, will bring up a lot of questions.
Now, for the sake of avoiding spoilers, I won’t go into any details here, but of all things, this seems to directly point to the games continuing.

From here, things get a bit patchy, with little mention of the game from official sources.
2016/2017 though, were ripe with rumours of a sequel being worked on, which again, fills fans with quiet hope.
However, it would seem that someone at Square is still interested in the possibility of a continuation, as skipping forward to 2018, we’re getting a full-on re-release of the game, now on Nintendo Switch. Interesting, very interesting indeed… After all these years, we’re confirmed to be seeing what this tease was all about, but most interesting of all is this information paired with the rumours of a sequel being worked on. Awfully suspicious, if you ask me.
Now, you can argue that they’re tying this into the tenth anniversary of the game, but it doesn’t quite line up, and it just seems like too good an opportunity for them to test the waters.

Trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

There’s also a new Neku statue up for pre-order, which is supposedly made to tie into the final remix release, but it seems you wouldn’t be getting your hands on it until January 2019. Hmmm.

If we want to go deeper, we can look into the recent activity of Jupiter and h.a.n.d., the two companies who co-developed the original game;

Jupiter, who are known for making the “Picross” series of games, are, well, they’re making Picross. Most recently, the Picross S games on Switch.
Hard to imagine it being the most demanding of things to develop though, so I can see them juggling projects here, especially when the “TWEWY” sequel (presumably) would be a joint effort.

h.a.n.d., who I had honestly never heard of before doing research for this post, presumably had a hand (heh) in the development too, though I can’t find any record on what they may have done.
They seem to have worked with Square Enix quite a bit back in the DS-era, and are most recently working with Level 5 as co-developers on titles such as “Fantasy Life” and “The snack world: Trajerars Gold”.
I again, see no reason why they couldn’t be adding to development here. Their relationship with Square is still alive too, as according to their Wikipedia page, they were quite recently working with them on a Chocobo racing game, which ended up cancelled for whatever reason.

So… What do you think? Am I digging too deep? Am I just desperate? I honestly think there’s something here. Between the strange interest in the title and the up-coming re-release on Switch. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a teaser at the end of that game!


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3 thoughts on “Are we getting a sequel to The World Ends With You next year?”

  1. I’m excited to finally play the game when it comes out on Switch. I’ve heard nothing but great things.
    I could totally see you being right. Especially after your suspicions were right about the Nindies direct (I still think your a wizard).

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