Battle Royale is here to stay, but Fortnite probably isn’t

fortnite overhead

With Fortnite’s growth finally beginning to slow down (I mean, it has to, there are only so many people on earth) many are left wondering “Is this it? Is it going to die off?”
Well… Yes and no.
Fortnite is always going to bring in good money, and whether you enjoy the game or not, it’s fan-base is crazy committed, so I believe it will always have a large player-base, large enough to carry it for some years yet.
I do, however, believe it has peaked.

With companies left right and centre picking up the game-mode and adding it to their already quite complete experiences, there becomes less and less reason to go to Fortnite.
But this makes sense, because that’s all it is. A game-mode. As a complete experience, it’s gradually becoming a harder sell.
But this is okay. Fortnite will likely continue to grow and add new modes that people probably won’t like as much, and complain that Epic Games are focusing their efforts in the wrong places, but that is simply the nature of the business model they’ve created.
Battle Royale is a fun mode, but for the sake of longevity, they will eventually have to expand things. As for how that will go for them, well, I’m doubtful about it’s success, but fascinated to see what they do.

Personally, I’m excited for the future of Battle Royale. I sincerely hope developers have the sense to ignore the masses on Twitter when they complain about too many of these modes being added to everything, because in the long run, it will be in everything. It will become a staple, just as Team Death-match and Capture the Flag did before it.
Let’s not delay the inevitable and just have fun.

A currently unpopular opinion of mine; Battle royale in Halo Infinite please. 

This article was inspired by Alanah Pierce’s video on the same subject, as we just so happened to share the same opinion. You can watch her video here:


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4 thoughts on “Battle Royale is here to stay, but Fortnite probably isn’t”

  1. I feel like Fortnite is still going to be a juggernaut for quite a while still because of it being free to play. I can’t see BO4 or BV battle royales ever being able to compete with that, unless they did release them as a separate mode.

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    1. Oh it’ll remain a juggernaut for some time, yeah. And you’re right about other games probably not providing quite as solid a battle royale, my point is more that as these become more accessible, Fortnite loses it’s niche, until we reach a point where a newcomer is accustomed to battle royale modes being a given, and logs into Fortnite to find it has little else to offer.

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  2. The thing with Fortnite is that you can play it alongside all other games. People say that BO4, Red dead redemption 2, AC Odyssey etc. are going to kill it off but I don’t see that happening. In the eyes of many people, Fortnite is the ultimate casual experience, it doesn’t require much attention and each “experience” lasts no longer than 25 minutes. Whilst most people are beginning to move away from playing Fortnite as their “main game” I still picture a large portion of the fan base playing it every other day, for example, since it’s so mindless


    1. Oh I don’t think it’s competing with any of those games, no. It fits more into the “Twitch games” category, with things like LoL and Overwatch.
      You’re right there though, it does have a strong casual grab, and people will continue to go back to it, my point is more that with the game-mode becoming more readily available in mainstream games, Fortnite loses the niche it once had total control over.

      I suspect it’ll fade to the level Pokemon Go is at, where the general public might say “People still play that?” but when actually looking at the numbers, you can see it still does very well


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