Wait, Paladins on Switch is good?

paladins overhead

Back when this was announced to be coming to Switch, I barely glanced. I’m a big fan of Overwatch and didn’t feel it right to spend my time playing such a blatant rip-off.
That is, until recently when at a friend’s house I was handed the controller and told to have a go.
Much to my surprise, the game is extremely well developed. Who would have thought!
That’s not to say it’s as good as Overwatch, because it absolutely is not. But considering it’s all we’ve got on Switch, and finding a solid multiplayer experience on there can be a little tricky, it is brilliant. 

Now, do I think the devs saw an opportunity to gain some ground on a platform that currently does not have Overwatch? Yes.
Would I drop Paladins in favour of Overwatch were it to be released? Absolutely.
But that doesn’t change the fact that right now, you can play a very competent clone of it, with friends, on your Switch, and it’s completely free.
That is a sweet deal no matter how you look at it!

Things are a little rough around the edges in places, but it’s the full experience. You’ve got tons of characters to unlock, either with a paid transaction, or through gaining money (very slowly, I might add) by winning games.
I haven’t put any money into it, so I don’t have anywhere near every character, but my current favourites are Cassie and Sha Lin (who is basically Hanzo).
I’m yet to encounter any real connection problems either, which is more than can be said about Nintendo’s own online games (see my Mario Tennis review).

One thing I would suggest, if you’re like me and want an experience a little more akin to a keyboard and mouse, is to head into settings and up the camera control speed by a lot.
By default it’s set to something really low, like two or three. I play with mine on eight or nine, which makes things all nice and smooth.

Have you played this on Switch? What did you think of it?


Small side note; apologies for the recent lack of activity, but I’ve had an extremely busy few days and literally not had a chance to sit down and write on here!  Feels good to be back, hopefully things will settle down a bit soon.




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2 thoughts on “Wait, Paladins on Switch is good?”

  1. I had downloaded the game but never made the time to play it. I ended up having to delete it for extra storage space. I might get to it one day, it does look fun.


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