UPDATE: Postponed until further notice. Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow!

nintendo direct tomorrw header

UPDATE: Due to a large earthquake in the northern Hokkaido region of Japan, the direct has been postponed until further notice.
If you’d like to help those affected in these tragic times, here’s a link to where you can donate:

Nintendo just officially announced a Direct, scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm PT, or 11pm in the UK. Weird, it’s not usually on so late.
But hold up, it’s set to feature a full thirty five minutes of information. Thirty five!
It’s like E3 all over again. Really makes you appreciate these more frequent showings,  things feel like a year-round celebration. 
Interestingly, they specifically noted that it will be featuring both Switch and 3DS titles.
Now, obviously it’ll be mostly Switch, and the 3DS news may just be updates on previously announced titles, but it’s exciting stuff nonetheless.

To be honest, I don’t entirely know what will be talked about here, but it’s always fun to speculate. I’d kill for an Animal Crossing announcement, as would.. Well, pretty much everyone.
An update on Yoshi seems likely? I mean, where the heck did that game go anyway…
Probably some stuff on Pokemon Let’s Go (maybe a new Pokemon announcement to rile up some excitement for the game??).
I really want to know more about Fire Emblem Three Houses, and that doesn’t seem unlikely, but the fact that it’s still a Spring 2018 release hurts me inside.
Seems likely they’ll want to beef up their release schedule for the rest of the year, and in that regard, a couple of decent Wii U ports would keep me a happy man.
As for completely new announcements, I mean… What could there be?! What are you hiding Nintendo?!

One more thing I would kinda expect is for another of their classic “and one more thing” smash character announcements at the end. Possibly tied to a new game announcement during the direct? Bah, it’s so hard to say!

What do you think we’ll see? Do you think we’ll actually get Animal Crossing, or some of that ever-elusive Prime 4 info? We’ll find out tomorrow I suppose.


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