New Pokemon Let’s Go trailer coming next week!

pokemon mystery pokemon

I’m cautiously excited, as next week on September 16th, we’ll be poking our eyeballs around a new trailer for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. 
Details as to what will be shown off are scarce, but it’s airing on Japan’s Pokenchi show and I think we’re in for something a little more exciting than in previous trailers. 

We’ve got the basic idea, we get what the game is, now.. Sell it to us. Show us what’s new. Show us that mystery Pokemon you teased us with in the reveal trailer, or better yet, confirm the existence of new mega evolutions (I’d love this).
I’m sure rumours will be flying wild all week, but my bets are on a new Pokemon reveal of some description!

What do you think? Will it just be another standard trailer, or do you expect something a little bit more?


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2 thoughts on “New Pokemon Let’s Go trailer coming next week!”

    1. Yeah, I think they handled the reveal really poorly. Game looks alright in it’s own rights, but everyone was lined up ready to see the next big Pokemon, and we get this… Weird.. Pseudo main-line game with everything the core audience.. Didn’t want to see, haha

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