That Nintendo Direct felt like an E3 conference, holy smokes

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I’m dying. Nintendo, how have you been sitting on this many announcements?! What the heck this is too much to take. It feels like Christmas.
I won’t touch on everything here, because freakin’ heck there is a lot, but I’ll go through the highlights that excited me most.

  • So we started off things with none other than… Luigi’s Mansion.. Cool, cool, bringing it to Switch, nice- WAIT it’s Luigi’s Mansion 3. Woah. WOAH.
    Looks to be your standard Luigi’s Mansion affair from what we’ve seen so far, they didn’t show a whole lot and it’s a 2019 release, but hey, that’s really darn cool.
  • A neat looking RPG from none other than GAMEFREAK? Dang, okay. It’s currently titled “Town” and seems rather on the unfinished side, but to see Gamefreak making any game that’s not Pokemon is exciting. To see them making an RPG that’s not Pokemon is mind-blowing stuff. Will definitely be keeping my eye on this one.
  • Katamari Damacy is rolling onto Switch with a remake of the first game. This is one of those series that I’ve loved from afar for the longest time, and am so happy to be able to properly enjoy it myself now.
    Am I crazy or has this always been exclusive to Playstation? Seems so weird to see it on Nintendo!
  • Square Enix decided to throw… Like, everything they had at us just now. What even. They announced a total of eight Final Fantasy related games for the Switch, I can hardly breathe.
    We’re getting the remastered version of 12 (sweet!), an upgraded version of World of Final Fantasy, which is something I’ve been wanting to get to for the longest time, so this gives me the perfect excuse.
    A really cute Mystery Dungeon game with.. Chocobos. Awesome(?). I like the look of it. Even re-releases of Final Fantasy 7, 9 (sorry 8) and 10-10-2 (which I assume is the remaster as well).
    It’s bonkers. Literally never been a better time to be a fan of Final Fantasy and Nintendo.
  • Petey Pirahna is going to be playable in Mario Tennis. Game is now a 10/10. That is all.
  • We finally got a look at the NES library thing that comes with the online subscription, and ooooohh that UI is niiiicce. I love the idea of new titles just piling on top, and the use the original boxarts is fantastic.
  • Also, controllers. NES controllers that work wirelessly with the Switch and even clip onto the side of the console like joy-cons!
    They… They almost got it right. You can’t actually play the console with the NES controllers attached (they’re sideways) but you know, it’s really cool nonetheless.
  • Isabelle joins Smash as an echo fighter for villager! This is one of those weird predictions that people have predicted half-jokingly, half-unbelievably for ages. I’m stoked to see Isabelle with an axe (assuming they don’t replace it with something else).
  • This of course, was the point where everyone (my girlfriend included) started losing it, thinking it was the Animal Crossing Switch announcement we all craved so dearly. Nintendo are the biggest trolls, I swear.
    However, we’re then greeted by Tom Nook at a desk, looking awfully new and snazzy, and we’re all filled with a warm feeling as he tells us he’s hard at work, and we’re shown a familiar logo, and given a 2019 release date.
    The dream is real guys.

I think it’s fair to say I’m excited. I think it’s fair to say I’ve been given the best birthday present I could ask for… Only I have to pay for it all myself. Hrm. The Switch continues to spew out quality title after quality title at a relentless pace, it’s incredible.
Of course, I didn’t mention anywhere near everything here, not even everything I’m excited for honestly (Civ. VI!!) but for the sake of not taking up too much of your time, I’ll leave it at that for now.
There’s also just so much information in this direct, you could go on for hours.

What did you think? What are you most excited for? I’m going to go scream at my friends about videogames and why I need a lot more money now.
You can watch the full direct here:


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