I bought a new 3DS in 2018 – Whaaaat?

new 3ds overhead

When exploring Nintendo fan threads on the internet these days, a complaint I’ll sadly come across quite often is that “Nintendo should stop supporting the 3DS and give us everything on Switch!!”, and while I understand the want for everything to be on the latest and greatest, personally, I still love my 3DS. It’s the perfect travel buddy.

I do a lot of jumping on and off planes and busses and trains and goodness knows what else what, and for that, I need something small and compact, and the Switch just doesn’t do that for me. It’s heavy, on the large side, and doesn’t have the longest battery life.
Don’t get me wrong though, I love my Switch, it’s where I play the majority of my games.
The Switch is definitely the future, and I’m excited about that, but right now, what the 3DS offers in compact portability is unmatched.

I do expect the 3DS support to disappear shortly though, I mean, we seem to just be getting ports now anyway. I consider anything new these days a bonus, as the backlog of quality titles is already insane.

I will hold out hope for one thing though.. And that is an English release of Yokai watch 3. Pretty please.

Anyways, look at this thing, it’s gorgeous.

That there button? Yeah, it clicks. It CLICKS. Hours of entertainment, I’m tellin’ ya.

Being the massive Pokemon geek that I am, I… I just had to. It’s so… Sleek. I love it.


The screen on the 2DS XL is super crisp with bright, brilliant colours.

Being one of the few people left out there with the smaller brother of the “New” 3DS line, you know, the removable face-plate one. I was accustomed to the much smaller screens on that, and upon opening this I was in disbelief.
I’m sure you’re all used to it and don’t see it, but to me these screens are BIG and I love it.

All packed up and ready for the next adventure.

So… While the Switch is absolutely the way forward, let’s not forget what came before it, as this little guy is easily one of Nintendo’s most solid consoles, and certainly still has a place in some people’s (most definitely mine) backpacks.


Am I alone in this? I don’t understand the mindset of throwing out the once-great, simply because something better exists. Let me know what you think, I’m actually really curious to hear!



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7 thoughts on “I bought a new 3DS in 2018 – Whaaaat?”

  1. You’re definitely not alone. I still play my 3ds as I’m a HUUUUUGE Pokemon fan and also love playing Acnl as well. It’s a truly great portable gaming console only rivaled by the Vita (which is AMAZING imo) and has tons of games to keep it’s life cycle alive long after it’s discontinued from Nintendo.

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      1. Aw man, I gotta school you on the Vita then, depending on what games you play. There are some amazing games for the Vita. I honestly play my Vita over my 3ds because of the games that are offered on the Vita that have been overlooked but are amazing. Are you on Twitter or ig maybe?

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