A look at combat in Yokai Watch 4

yokai watch 4 titlehead

We’ve known for some time now that Yokai Watch 4 would be a Nintendo Switch title, but we’ve yet to see any actual gameplay, and I am getting impatient.
I know it takes time to make a quality game, and I 100% want them to take their time on it, I’m just excited to see it play.

Today though, we get this; a single screenshot.


It might not look like much at first, but this is actually huge! We can deduce a lot from this.
For instance, the battles. The battles are.. Wildly different this time around.
You appear to have full control over your player character, who wouldn’t have even been present had the series kept the original battle mechanics.

Not only that, but we can get a decent idea of how things will play out here too.See on the right of the image, the various skills tied to buttons, and the supposed prompt to open up even more with R? Seems unlikely that every one of those are tied to your yokai, so I would assume your human character has some skills of his own now. Neat.

The battle system appears to be something along the lines of what we got in Final Fantasy 15. Or perhaps Ni No Kuni 2 might prove a better example, as they’re by the same developer. Either way, both those games have brilliant, engaging battle-systems so I’m all for this.

Your yokai are doing things themselves as you’d expect, but notice how the purple rock-looking guy at the front has a reticle of sorts on him… Hard to say what that’s indicating, but I suppose you’d be able to target them for throwing potions and whatnot anyway

Also, excitingly, and I could be wrong, but it appears you may be able to take control of and play as your yokai during battles? See how the list of teammates on the left of the picture has an indent for the player character, as if to communicate to you who you’re currently controlling.
I struggle to see any reason why this wouldn’t be the case, the design really backs up this theory.

We can also see that we’ve got something akin to a mana bar, in the way of a “VP” bar, interesting. It’s currently decreasing or increasing in this picture for our human friend, I suppose it’s likely that it’s decreasing while he runs? Or simply while he moves? That could be an interesting mechanic.

Lastly, our yokai are uhm.. Talking to us, during battles, as we can see quite clearly. Interesting. Definitely interesting.

We already know that the game will be dealing with some sort of other dimension, and darker, more sinister looking versions of our favourite yokai, but to begin seeing snippets of the game in action is fiercely exciting to me.
Some proper, moving gameplay should be available to pour our eyes over quite soon too, and hopefully some idea of a release window.

Did I miss anything? Are you as excited as I am to see how this game actually plays? Do let me know!

Side note: excuse the inconsistent fonts and things in the title images lately. I’m currently away from my usual set-up, but things will be back to normal soon!


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