Sony is releasing a PlayStation Classic for the holidays


Sony have decided to jump on the bandwagon with Nintendo and.. Seemingly every other company to ever have a console, and are releasing a mini PlayStation One, 45% the size of the original and pre-loaded with 20 games. Neat!

It launches December 3rd, right in time for your Christmas shopping. Hrm.
Coming in at a rather costly 100 euro though, it will leave you wondering where the extra 40 is coming from, when compared to Nintendo’s NES Mini.
Regardless, it’s going to sell like mad, so if you’ve got a PlayStation enthusiast in the house, and you’re kinda rich, I’d pick one up sooner rather than later.

The titles currently confirmed to be on the little thing are:

Final Fantasy VII

Jumping Flash

R4 Ridge Racer Type 4

Tekken 3

Wild Arms
I suppose in the lead-up to the release they’ll announce more and more. Will be interesting to see what games make it on there and what don’t!
Surely we’ll have things like Crash and Spyro though.
What do you think? What games would you like to see make it on?


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5 thoughts on “Sony is releasing a PlayStation Classic for the holidays”

    1. Oo I forgot about Metal Gear! I’d totally expect that to be on there. The more I think about it, the more I realise how good their line-up could be.
      Haven’t actually heard of Musashi, but a quick Google search makes me want to try it out


      1. You can NEVER forget about metal gear, lol. Yeah, ps1 has some solid titles. I think ridge racer type 4 was confirmed as well. I also wouldn’t mind seeing blasto and gex: enter the gecko. Oh yes, Google brave fencer musashi when you get a chance. That game was CLASSIC. It’s literally the jrpg game that got me into rpg titles.

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