Yokai Watch 4 is a much bigger game than I expected

yokai watch 4 big titlehead

Level 5 arrived at Tokyo Game Show (or TGS for short) with an arm-load of hotly anticipated games this week, and somehow, have managed to disappoint no one.
As a company, they seem to operate under similar ideology to Nintendo, wherein they take their time developing quality, fun, original games.
It’s fantastic, and unfortunately somewhat of an oddity in today’s market. 

I only had eyes for Yokai Watch 4 though. Knowing they’d be demoing it there, I spent the day reloading my Twitter feed, watching.. Waiting.. And I’ve got to say, they are going all out on this release.

Look at that sky! That draw-distance! Urgh! I can’t wait to dive in and explore every inch of this world.

Gone are the top-down angles and controversial battles, and in their places we’re presented with a fully 3D world.
Thankfully, we’re back in Japan this time, with things looking as bright and colourful as you’d expect of the series.
There isn’t a lot to say about the world we see in the demo other than the new camera angle. It looks great, albeit a little barren.
One thing I noticed as being a little odd, though expected, given the companies track-record on the subject, was the player characters walk-cycle. Might sound like I’m nitpicking, but one reason I enjoyed Yokai Watch on 3DS so much is due to how they nailed how the player controls.
It’s tight and accurate, with just the right amount of acceleration to where he feels as if he’s right where your thumb is, in regards to the circle-pad.

Exploring the town. Though sadly, only a very small section was open to exploration in this demo.

However in other 3D Level 5 titles such as Ni no kuni, things are a little funny (though still perfectly acceptable) so I’m not too surprised to see the character here propelling ahead a little.
She appears to control nearly a full analog away from where your thumb would rest, which is an extremely odd choice as it means controlling her won’t feel quite as accurate as it probably should.
Oddly though, this is somewhat of a norm in Japanese RPGs.

Combat looks to be something along the lines of Ni no kuni, mixed with some aspects of Final Fantasy 15. It’s interesting, and looks fun for sure.
The player character can attack and shoot.. Lasers(?) from his watch. Also he turns into a yokai. What is this guy.

The fact that a game of this scale and quality is releasing on Nintendo Switch just blows me away. I’m so excited for the future of Level 5 games, and the Yokai watch series particularly, on the Switch.

This here yokai creeps the heck out of me.

If you’re interested in seeing the demo in action, this lovely fellow filmed the whole thing, so do check him out;

As imagery is nowhere to be found, for the sake of the article, screenshots were captured from this here video;

Do me a favor and give them a subscribe, they deserve it.

Anyways, what do you think of the game? Did you see enough to get you excited, or are you as confused as I am as to why they didn’t release a trailer for the it?


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18 thoughts on “Yokai Watch 4 is a much bigger game than I expected”

  1. I’m guessing you don’t know much about Yo-kai Watch Shadowside’s character XD As you aren’t familiar with Touma’s powers with turning into Yo-kai, and Natsume (girl) being the daughter of Nate/Keita

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, it’s all in the movie and the Yo-kai Watch Shadowside anime series XD And the third world’s characters are from this year’s movie, Yo-kai Watch Forever Friends, which is airing this December.. XD You have my pity that you had to go in without knowing anything about Shadowside or Forever Friend’s character’s XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha, yeah I’m watching this footage thinking “Whaaat on earth”. It’s all really cool stuff though.
        Thanks for pointing me toward the anime though, I’ll have to start watching all this so my head doesn’t explode when the game launches!


      3. Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside:

        Nate/Keita lost the ability to use Yo-Kai Watch when he became an adult, the Yo-Kai Watch was destroyed.

        30 Years Later, a crisis on Earth arose…

        A monk boy named Akinori Arihoshi (He isn’t shown in the gameplay, only as one the ones talking to you on the left) sees the signs of this, and sets out to find the chosen one.

        To no one’s surprise (I’m referring to the audience) there’s still one Yo-kai Watch left XD

        The watch chooses Natsume Amano/Adams, daughter of Nate/Keita and Katie/Fumika… A girl who was saved from drowning when she was young.

        Touma Tsukinami is a lonely boy who’s parents are too busy to be there for him. He is then lured to the side of evil…

        Later on, after the movie…

        Akinori starts a Yo-Kai Detective Agency. But, Keisuke (Natsume’s little brother) follows his sister, and discovers the agency. To their surprise, Keisuke can see Yo-Kai and can use Natsume’s Yo-Kai Watch.

        And there are new villains are searching for someone…. (to avoid spoilers I won’t even say what they call the person their looking for)

        And then there’s Forever Friends… Which hasn’t even come out…

        In the 1960s, Shin is boy (he isn’t the boy with blue/purple hair in the promo images, and on the title screen of the gameplay) living in poverty, but lives happily. His mother then dies, sending him into depression.

        A boy named Itsuki (I’m spelling his name wrong, but I can’t remember it, because it’s so similar to another character I know with a VERY similar name to him) saves him for depression… He hates Yo-Kai because a Yo-Kai murdered his sister…

        They are then joined by Tae Arihoshi (Yes, she’s somehow related to Akinori) and they then go to the Yo-Kai world to vanquish the evil witch who steals souls, and recover the souls of their loved ones.

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      4. And yes, I’ve seen every episode of Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside, and the movies… As for Forever Friends, I’m just going by what the blurb says XD (When I say I’ve watched all the episodes of Shadowside, I mean it… I’ve had to watch most of them without subs XD Even though I don’t speak or even understand Japanese in the slightest XD I just watch the episodes and then watch them later on with subs XD)

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Hoooly smokes, you sure know your Yokai Watch, hahaha.
        Thanks though! The story sounds way more interesting than I expected it to be in the anime, I might have to start watching it now.
        I definitely know who to come to in the future for anything Yokai Watch-related, haha


      6. I’m pretty sharp when it comes to Shadowside and Forever Friends… The original anime’s however……….. I know next to nothing XD just Jibanyan’s secret, Whisper’s backstory, Usapyon’s backstory and well… A little more XD

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      7. Heeheh you most certainly are. It’s nice to see someone from outside of Japan (I’m assuming you’re not Japanese, haha) following the series so closely though. Not enough people do D:


  2. Oh wow! That looks really good. I played the original game and enjoyed it, but I never felt the urge to try out any of the sequels. But this one looks like a huge leap forward and I’ll definitely give it a go when it hopefully comes to the west.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! Yeah, Yokai Watch 2 feels more like a deluxe version of the first game, with a different story, so you’re not missing much there anyway.
      I’m pretty certain this will get a western release, given that they’re pushing the third game out so quickly! Exciting stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

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