Yokai Watch 3 announced for Europe this Winter and February 8th in the states!

yokai watch 3 announcement cover

Ohohohoho I have been waiting for this announcement for some time now. Yokai Watch 3 is officially getting an English localisation! And soon, too.
For those of us here in Europe, the release date is stated as “winter”, rather than the definitive “February 8th” those in America have gotten.
Now, technically, February does still count as Winter, so it could end up being the same release date, but the wording at this point appears to hint at us in Europe getting it a little bit early, which certainly makes a change!

The fact that we’re getting it at similar times at all is a breath of fresh air, with other titles taking sometimes over a year to make it from America over to Europe, the assumption, and worry, was that the pattern would continue.
Thankfully though, it’s not the case.

Here’s the official announcement from Nintendo UK:

We’ve got a new logo and everything! Though a question I, and I’m sure many others are asking right now is, what’s happening with the different versions?
See, back in 2016 when this released in Japan, they sold it pokemon-style, with two separate versions (Same way Yokai watch 2 was handled), Sushi and Tempura.

mid page

Later, they then got a third version of the game, much like Pokemon Emerald or the like, which added some improvements and whatnot.
The big question here is whether or not they plan to release the game over here simply as “Yokai Watch 3” and have it be the Sukiyaki version from the start, which in my opinion seems like the better choice.
Or will they go and release each version separately? Who knows.

I suspect we won’t have to wait long to find out though, with a trailer surely going up on Nintendo’s YouTube account soon enough.
But for those who are interested, you can check out the Japanese announcement trailer from way back in 2015 here:

Yokai Watch 3 also had a large connection with physical Yokai medals, which acted like amiibo, and allowed you to get special bonuses in-game.
The assumption would be that Nintendo would have to release them here, but they’re faced with the sad problem of previous Yokai Watch merchandise not sustaining sales after the initial boom of the first game died down.

What do you think? Are you as excited as I am for this? I’m so happy to see that we are indeed getting this over here, as I had begun to think we might have to skip straight to 4.


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