PSA: Dragon ball FighterZ is out now on Switch and it’s amazing

fighterZ launch title

It’s no secret that I’ve been.. Well, hella hyped for this game. And yes, I was at the store for 9am this morning like the idiot I am, laughing as I grab the only copy in stock (looks like retail copies may be a little hard to come by).
But anyway, now that I’ve got it, and have played it all day, what do I think of it? 

Well… I love it! I love it so much. I love it like a newborn child. It plays at a solid 60fps, the graphics are just.. They’re beautiful. The game-play is fantastically tight and deeper than I expected. This is a serious contender for best fighting game on the market.
Seems to have a very active competitive scene too, which is always pleasant. Means we’ll probably get frequent updates!

And of course, the big question. The part that’s had me tossing and turning in my sleep. Does the online work?

Yes. Yes it does.


I honestly couldn’t believe it, and still hardly can. I don’t have the best connection in the world by any measure, and yet the online play is rock solid.
You know how in most games you’ll have one server for Europe, on for Asia, etc.?
Well, here they’ve gone and treated us to several European servers, so I was able to narrow my location down to the UK, and connect to that.
It’s fantastic! Absolutely fantastic. I wish more games did this.
I’m looking at you, Smash Bros

Anyways, this is by no means a full review, it’s just me gushing about a game I like, but you can be sure there’ll be one going up in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you’re at all curious, and have the spare cash to do so, buy this game. You’re losing nothing when compared to the PS4/Xbox One versions, it’s a real treat.

Have you picked it up? And if so, wanna fight?!  

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