I bought a whole bunch of old Digimon cards

digimon card ttle

Oh, what have I done. I’ve poked my collectors nerve and started looking into the original Digimon cards.
There I was, kicked back in my chair, enjoying a morning coffee when I’m struck with this urge, this strong nostalgic urge to have a look at my old Digimon cards. And have a look I did, but this doesn’t end there, because from here… I found myself typing the words every collector both loves and fears into the Google search bar… “ebay”

Naturally, I was curious. I only had a handful myself, as they were annoyingly hard to come by as a kid. I mean, had these been readily available, I’d have been way deep in that rabbit hole.
I was, of course, pre-occupied with Pokemon, so maybe I didn’t mind as much as I would assume today that I might.

Anyway, I spent a bit poking about the site and stumbled onto some “bargains” that I absolutely “had to have”. It was messy. A hard and ferocious bidding war was fought. But I came out victorious.
In total, I bought a little over 100 cards, which for what I payed, is one hell of a steal.
To be fair, not many others are as interested in these pieces of cardboard as I am.


Probably my favourite thing about these cards is just how uniform they look when lined up beside each-other. Every single card, and I mean every single card, is hand-drawn by the same artist. They’re gorgeous.
And who, you ask, put the time into drawing every one of these? Well, the man is somewhat of a mystery. He goes by Akiyoshi Hongo, and is credited with coming up with the original concept for Digimon, along with the actual Digimon designs.
Neat. You’d assume that someone such as that would be more well-known, but… Oddly, he isn’t. Very little to nothing is known about him as a person.


He’s known for also working on Tamagotchi, and appears to still be alive and kicking, as he’s credited as having worked on the recent Digimon Adventure Tri.
What I want to know is who took this picture! You were in the midst of one of the worlds most mysterious and successful men! Why did you not ask him a million questions. I have so many questions.


I seem to have ended up with the full “series 1” booster set, which is great.
From here it goes on to 2, 3… Up to 6, I believe.
The collector in me wants to have every card from every set, and… I’ll get there one day, but these things are relatively hard to come by, so it’ll be a case of piecing things together bit by bit. No doubt building up a scary backlog of doubles in the process.


Lets just… Stare, at the beautiful artwork for a moment.

It’s so nice.

If nothing else, I want to gather all of these up in order to archive them. Someones gotta do it, and work of this calibur should never be lost to the ages.
Am I talking too fondly about Digimon cards of all things? Yeah, probably. But hey, I like them, and I get passionate about these things.

Did you ever collect these, and if so, are you like me and still treasure them? Do let me know!
The upcoming Digimon Survive is rekindling my interest in the series to an extent. That, coupled with the tri movies, I’m getting sucked back in (and I’m very okay with it.).

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