Yokai Watch 4 finally has an official trailer!

yokai watch 4 trailer 1 titlehead

It’s official. It’s real. They actually went ahead and released a trailer, at long last.
I, along with probably most of you, have been absolutely baffled as to why a trailer wasn’t shown off at TGS last month, but it’s here now and it looks amazing.
Oddly though, the footage all comes from the same demo they previewed, which raises the question of; “How much of this game have they actually built..?”. 

Usually with trailers we get a glimpse of various areas, creatures, mechanics, etc.
It’s not the case here, and honestly is no reason to panic. I just find it a little bit odd.
Getting to finally see some direct-feed footage though, is a real treat. The game looks gorgeous, and appears in these shots (more so than was visible in the off-screen footage) to be brimming with life and character.

Those trees! So full of leaves!

Moving into battles though, we see the same boss fight again, though with the clarity of the footage you can see some fun details.
Such as linking your watch to your yokai with a green beam of sorts, seemingly.. Healing, them? It’s probably safe to assume there’ll be different beams for different buffs, such as attack boost and defence boost, etc.

Certainly seems to be either healing or applying a defence boost here. Neat!

I really like this though, as it means our yokai friends will still need us to actively assist them during battle, rather than acting purely on their own.
Another little detail was in using a similar beam to pull out the heart of the boss yokai. This is really cool! It’s reminiscent of attacking weak-points (sometimes even the heart) in earlier games. I love seeing them pull things like that into this new style of game-play.

Pulling out the big guy’s heart. Look at those effeeeeecttsss.

Also, can I just say that, now seeing the graphics presented as intended, they are so nice.
Granted, we’re not using crazy detailed textures or anything, but the style they’ve gone for cleverly averts the needs for anything like that.
It’s optimised for the Switch, and is probably one of the most impressive third-party games I’ve seen built for the system.

We’re told the game will be releasing in 2019 in Japan (I believe it’s within the first half of the year), which is nice… If you speak fluent Japanese.
Us English-speaking folks will likely be waiting quite a bit yet, which is sad, but hey, we have Yokai Watch 3 coming in Winter!

What do you think of the trailer? Were you hoping they’d show more, or are you just excited to finally have official direct-feed footage? I know I sure am.


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