Gen. 4 Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go this week!

gen 4 go titlehead

Surprise! Gen. 4 is headed to Pokemon Go. We’ve known about this for a few days now, but Niantic and the Pokemon Company have just gone ahead and dropped a full trailer, which is really damn nice, if you haven’t already seen it. I’ll link it down below.
They always kill it with these trailers, they’re honestly nicer than anything GameFreak has made in a long time.
We’re missing Stephen Fry’s voice this time though, booooo.

I’m stoked to get back into this game. My interest in it always wavers due to the rural area I live in (The nearest town to me seems to only have an endless supply of Meowth).
Annoyingly, they’re doing fragmented releases again, with only a portion of the generation releasing at a time. Probably in three parts.
I understand they do this to keep people interested, and to keep hype levels up, rather than YouTubers going and catching everything in two days or whatever, but ah, I’d just prefer to have them all there from the outset really.

It launches some time this week too! I may just have to find my way into a city to properly experience it all.

Anyways, whether you’re a fan of Pokemon or not, do have a look at this trailer, it’s really lovely.


Pretty, right? Are you excited for this? Do you still play the game at all? Let me know, I’m actually really curious to see how many people do.


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