Yokai Watch 3 releases in Europe on December 7th!

yokai watch 3 eurpoe.png

It’s official, we’ve got a release date! Yokai Watch 3 officially launches in Europe on December 7th, which is for whatever reason, a couple of months ahead of the US (they get it on February 8th).
Oddly, this is the first time we’ve gotten a Yokai Watch main series release anywhere near the US (we’re usually a year behind in Europe). Perhaps they felt bad and wanted to make amends.

I’m overly excited about this, it’s so soon! I know we only got a vague “Winter” release date before, but I still found it hard to believe they’d actually release it in December. And early December, no less! Exciting times.


Nintendo UK released a full English trailer, featuring new areas and a buttload of new Yokai. They featured the new battle system, with this tactics grid thing. I don’t quite get how it’s going to work, but I suppose I don’t have all that long before I can find out now really.
Interestingly, they showcased a new character, a little purple-haired girl, who, as a character, seems brilliant.
She is, however, seemingly tied to Springdale. The town from the first and second games, which… I honestly thought I was finally done with, but I guess not.
I can only hope there isn’t too much time spent there, and that it’s actually some bit different this time.


She seems to be partnered with the yellow space bunny yokai (I don’t know his name), which is actually awesome.
Since we’ll be switching between towns and characters, I do wonder if we’ll have separate teams for each character? Perhaps the girl doesn’t battle, but sure as hell would be cool if she did.

Anyways, check out the trailer below and let me know what you think! I know I’ll be pre-ordering this, and probably blabbering on about it a little too much (if I’m not already).

PS: Apologies for the infrequent posts lately, things are super busy for me at the moment! 


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