The Discord game store is fantastic, but has one pretty major problem

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If you were to sit me down and ask me what my favourite company currently going was, I would wholeheartedly tell you that it is Discord.
The way they operate, joke about, provide clear updates, and most of all, the product they provide. All of these add up to a company I feel good about supporting in any and all ways.

I say this because I’m about to throw a negative their way, and I want to be clear that it’s only because I love them, and want their service and product to be the very best it can be. 

As many of you probably already know, Discord recently launched their own game store within the Discord app on PC. When I first heard this was happening, I was over the moon! In recent years, my love for Steam has dwindled, as they’ve failed to update their product to fit in with modern times. This is of course, perfectly fine for most people.
But for me, I like the app I’m using to feel fluid and responsive. Steam is the opposite of that, but Discord, Discord is the epitome of good app design.
Seriously, their UI and graphic designers should be given awards piled upon awards.


So, to the problem at hand. Discord’s subscription service that provides you with extra perks within the chatting app, has now been upgraded to include games.
This sounds great at first. I mean, free games while your subscription is live? Sweet.
Big problem though. You can’t buy these games. They are only available to you through Discord if you have a subscription.
This is wildly odd to me, as half of the games that come to Discord’s store, are to be locked behind this subscription! Why.

I realise of course that this is a ploy to get people to subscribe, because naturally they want that. But when half of the games listed on the store straight-up aren’t available to buy, but the other half are… It’s very, very confusing.
For instance, they have this “First on Discord” programme, where games are sold first on Discord for a limited time, which is great, and you can buy these, and other games from Discord’s store without issue.
But then, you scroll down a little bit and see that “Hey, they’ve got the Darksiders games” only to click into it and find that they are only available via the subscription.
I found this to be the case for every title I wanted to buy from them. That being Hob, Darksiders, Meatboy, FTL…

Just a selection of the titles that are subscription only…

Sure, I know I can log into Steam, buy the games there and even launch them from Discord. But my issue is that I love Discord, I love their new store, I want to support it, but I cannot in any way justify spending 10 dollars a month to half-own some games.

To be fair, the store is still in beta, so hopefully things will work themselves out.
But Discord, if you’re reading, please, you can have games be tied to the subscription, but please allow us to also purchase them separately, without a subscription, if that is what we wish to do.
Or at the very least, don’t have these titles displayed in the store right alongside the purchasable ones.


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