Why is everyone so mad at Blizzard? The Diablo Immortal disaster

blizzard immortal disaster header

Blizzard just held their annual Blizzon, at which they made several announcements regarding updates to their games. A new Overwatch character, new cards for Hearthstone, you know the drill.
But then of course, to close out the show, they rile up excitement for one more big announcement.
At this point, journalists and fans alike are all anticipating the same thing; Diablo 4. 

Rolling back a bit, earlier this year fans came across job listings by Blizzard, recruiting for various roles in an unannounced Diablo project. Naturally, people got excited. Very excited. As this was the first confirmation of new Diablo content since the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3 back in March of 2014.
That’s over four years ago now, it’s fair of fans to expect something new at this point.
Further backing up people’s belief was a supposed leak right before the conference, claiming that a remastered version of Diablo 1 or 2 would be announced.
This made sense, and honestly, anything would have been better than what we got.

What we were instead treated to was one of the most terribly planned announcements I’ve seen in quite some time.
Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Diablo out there, but I do own the third game on PC and can definitely say it’s decent, even if it’s not quite to my tastes.
I can only imagine how fans must have felt to crowd into a conference room with their hopes high, and then to see the Blizzard logo appear on-screen in red font.
The whole room at this point must have been clenching their fists in excitement as the cinematic trailer continues on to most certainly be Diablo.
Only at the very end, to fade out and display the dreaded “Coming soon to iOS and Android” screen.

They then go on to show gameplay and take questions from the crowd, but from the moment that last screen came up, the mood in the room just went through the floor.
Trust me, you can feel it in the videos.
But seriously, Blizzard, what were you thinking.
It was immediately obvious to the poor devs on-stage that this was not being taken well, as they enter out to a small few claps in a very crowded room.
I honestly get a real kick out of watching the videos because really, you don’t see things go this wrong, all that often. Especially for a company like Blizzard.

What were they thinking though. They invited their fans, who are at least 90% PC gamers, to a conference, at which it was a given that announcements would be made.
But the biggest announcement they made? In the most requested series under their belt? A mobile game.
I’ve seen many argue that this could have gone so much better, had they simply put this announcement up alongside the announcement of a Diablo 1 or 2 remaster, and yeah, I agree. That would have done the job. Would it have stopped people going mad that the newest entry in their beloved and somewhat neglected franchise is a mobile game?
No, but it would have softened the blow a lot.

It’s a disaster, and you can understand why people are upset.
As for the people really kicking up a fuss and throwing insult after insult toward the developers of the mobile game though? Don’t. Just don’t.
These people are only doing their job, and like it or not, mobile games are extremely profitable. More so than a AAA PC release, which is honestly a sad fact to accept.
As far as mobile games go though, this does appear to be a very high-production one. It seriously looks like it’ll be a good game. Now, do I want to play it? Nah, not really.
But I can see the effort and skill put into building it, and I think more people should appreciate that.

Appreciate it, but also don’t let them get away with what feels like a bit of a cheap-shot. Blizzard appear to be actively deleting comments on the uploaded YouTube videos showcasing the game, with some people even claiming that the number of dislikes has dropped from nearly 500,000 to 250,000.
This is extremely sketchy stuff, and is 100% not how you do damage control.
Come on Blizzard, I like you guys, just accept this was handled poorly.

The comment section currently looks like this:


What do you think though? Have Blizzard really shot themselves in the foot here? Or are you okay with it? I want to hear what you think!
Plus, is anyone excited for Diablo Immortal? I’d love to know.



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