Precursorgames in 2019

So um, hey. Long time no see.

As you may or may not have noticed, precursorgames has been on a bit of a break lately. I mean, I run this completely by myself so when I say that, I really just mean that I’ve personally been on a break.
Also… When I say break in this context, I mean creative slump.

I’m planning to change that in the coming months, or, year, to speak more broadly.
Over the past couple months I took on some freelance work writing for other websites, and while it was fun, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my poor rejected precursorgames.
I mean, I started this site with the intention of it becoming big. That hasn’t changed, not in the slightest. I have rather grand ideas as to what this could evolve into in time, but for the moment, we’re going to stay relatively grounded and work on keeping a somewhat steady stream of quality content.

(And when I say we, I really just mean me).

So *claps hands together* as for what to expect moving into 2019.

Firstly, I think its fair for one to get;

Actual content

Woah, for real?! Content?! Blog posts?! Reviews?! Whaaaat?!

Yes, oh yes! While I’m not exactly one for sticking to schedules, the aim is to have a post every day. Failing that, every other day. You get the idea. Consistent game-related content for your eyes to consume.

Quality and formatting

When I say quality, I mean it in the sense that I don’t want to release posts that I’m not proud of. Granted, there weren’t a whole pile that fit that description this past year, but there were a few, and moving forward I’m going to be stricter on myself to only release posts when I believe they have been nurtured and cared for to the right extent.

As for formatting, this mostly applies to my reviews. As of right now, they are literally written as if they are a chapter of a book. Blocks of texts separated into paragraphs. It’s not ideal, and not exactly appealing to someone clicking on to give it a read.

Moving forward, a somewhat definitive format will be applied to make things easier for all of us.
This applies to all posts of course, it’s just reviews that are the most in need of it.

Monthly reviews

A review every month? Are you mad? Uhm, yes, quite possibly. I am horrendous at sticking to things like this, but this is something I most certainly want to happen.

Perhaps a month or two will be missed here and there, but the general thing is to expect a review every month!

If I forget or slack off you’ll all give out to me until I write it, right? Right. Deal.

Improved graphics

This one may not be so immediately obvious moving into 2019, but throughout, you’ll most definitely notice me playing with different design ideas and (hopefully) improving on things. I want some stronger consistency goin’ on, y’know.

Feel free to tell me when I inevitably mess things up though.

Anyhow, that’s about that. It’s fair to say that precursorgames is a site that is yet to find its definite footing, and I’m still brainstorming and plotting ways for it not to simply be “just another game news and reviews site”.
With any luck, by the time 2020 comes around I’ll have whipped this site into shape, and it’ll be (somewhat) smooth sailing.

Bring it on, 2019!

PS: I hope everyone reading this has had the most fantastic Christmas. Have you been playing anything new over the holidays?! I love hearing about what people get for Christmas, I’m very nosy.


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