Nindies Direct highlights

Did y’all catch that Nindies Direct? No? Well, I can’t blame you if you didn’t. It came and went in a snap. Hell, they announced it was happening, and showcased it all within 24 hours!

Madness, right? Why not hype it up? Well as it turned out, it was only a 15 minute direct, and only boasted the bare minimum “highlight” points.

Not to say the highlights weren’t fantastic, but you can see why they didn’t want to hype things up too much.

Anyway, we’ll get our “proper” direct in the first half of next month, right? Right. Call me out on that if I’m wrong but I’m damn near sure we’ll have a Direct around February 11th or so (hopefully sooner though!!).

Groovy Military Shenanigans

So what did we get out of this spur of the moment Nindies presentation?
Well, Wargroove. That’s what.

Freakin’ Wargroove man. I have been waiting.. Two? Solid years for this game?
Wasn’t it announced like, alongside the Switch back in February 2017? Near enough to it anyway.
It’s been on the “coming soon” list for so long, I had begun to lose hope. But here we are, January 23rd, 2019, and Wargroove officially releases.. Next week!

I’m stoked. I’m seriously so happy about this. I had grave concerns that given how things were going, they may not manage to release before Fire Emblem comes and steals all its thunder. Thankfully though, they’ve managed to avoid such a train-wreck. Albeit only by a few months, I would think!

You know what the best part of all was though? We got to see finalised marketing material. There was a fairly lengthy animation with a.. A lot of colours and.. Movement, I- I honestly zoned out a little watching it.
Alright so the animation wasn’t the best, and the final artwork for the game icon and whatnot isn’t mindblowing, BUT, here me out… We don’t have to look at this face anymore.

Oh yeah… That’s right. A year ago this monstrosity was the face of Wargroove. It was its only downfall. Things are much better now. The world is a much less horrified place.

Anyhow, it releases for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on February 1st, with the PS4 version coming along soon after, apparently (wonder what happened there..) .

It’ll run you an extremely modest 16.99 euro.

Conquering yet another genre

So then, what else did we see? Honestly, not much. There were a couple things here and there that made me think “Oh, neat. I won’t buy it, but neat.”. You know, decent eShop space fillers.
But then, for the final announcement we see the “Image and Form” logo and heeeyy we’re saved.
These guys have been building out their “Steamworld“.. er, world, for years now.

It’s really coming together too. The stories in each game connect, and while the art-style remains the same (though slightly updated each time) they seem to be having a blast over there with trying out just about every video-game genre they can get their hands on.
And each time they somehow nail it.

We started with Steamworld dig. A uh, digging game. This evolved into the more complete idea that was Steamworld dig 2, a damn fine metroidvania.
Next, and most recently, we got Steamworld Heist, which I actually haven’t played but have heard nothing but good things about. This one was a tactical, turn-based shooter thing!
And now, confirmed earlier today, we’re getting Steamworld Quest.
Sounds cool huh? Yeah. I’m excited for this.
Steamworld Quest looks to be an RPG, with some sort of card-based battle system going on. Something akin to Paper Mario Colour Splash? At least that’s what it brings to mind. Though without the wonky gamepad controls.

And that was it really. They closed out the presentation with a montage of some of the best indies currently on the console, and the screen blanked. Short and sweet. Very to the point. Very Nintendo, I suppose you could say.
Now, was I hoping for more? Not really, because I wasn’t exactly given the time to start getting a wishlist together. Darn it, Nintendo!

But were I given a day or two to collect my thoughts going into this; yeah, I would have come out disappointed. There wasn’t a whole lot here.
Yes, I’m stoked to finally get to play Wargroove, and yes, Steamworld Quest looks brilliant. But there was nothing that blew me away. Nothing that really surprised me,
you know?

There were a couple of honourable-mention-worthy titles such as Crosscode and Inmost, but we either didn’t get a release date or they’re far from releasing in those cases.

I guess the mind-blowing stuff will be at the proper Direct. Metroid Prime HD Trilogy, pleeaase.

Here’s a link to the Direct if you missed it, or simply want a refresh:

What did you guys think? Are there any indie titles you think should really be on Switch? Rivals of Aether, perhaps? Seriously, how is that not on Switch yet.

Let me know in the comments, and we can complain together.


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