Metroid Prime 4 is being rebooted, restarting development from the beginning

Well, of all the stories I could have anticipated to be writing today, this, most certainly, was not one of them.

Nintendo has released a development update video, issuing a formal apology to all their fans, stating that development on Prime 4 was not going in a direction they were fond of.
Shinya Takahashi, who is in charge of development at Nintendo seemed genuinely sorry, and stated that it was a pained decision, one they deliberated on for a long time but ultimately came to the decision that it had to be restarted.

I’m sure this comes as a shock to everyone, as much of us were fully expecting an update of some sort in the coming months.
I for one, would have predicted a pretty big blow-out at this years E3. Honestly, that was likely the plan internally, so it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of their show now (a bigger focus on Animal Crossing and Pokemon I suppose).

If you want to watch the update video, you can see it here:

Restarting development right from the beginning is an interesting decision, as one would assume that there would be some aspects that could be kept. The base gameplay even? Weird.
Bringing things back to Retro Studios seems like the right decision, as to be honest, there’s no-one better than the original creators to craft out a modern take on things.

Makes you wonder why they didn’t just go with them from the beginning. I suppose it’s likely that whatever Retro was working on is beginning to wrap up development only now.
They’ve been rumored for some time to be working on a Star Fox game of sorts, so it’ll be very interesting to see where things go with that project.
Was it cancelled or simply moved to a smaller team to finish things up? I guess we’ll find out at the next Direct.

All in all, good on Nintendo for being so upfront and taking the time to ensure the game is what the fans want (they can’t afford another Federation Force).
Sucks for us who are left waiting, but hopefully at the very least this won’t affect the release timing of a Prime HD collection (which I’m sure is in the works).

What’s your take on all this? Let me know, because I’m as surprised as anyone.

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