A load of new characters are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, with two available January 31st!

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been somewhat of a phenomenon in the fighting game scene. It’s difficult for a fighter to break into the eSports level these days, but FighterZ has gone against the odds and carved out its own comfy spot alongside some of the greats.

And deservedly so! I played it when it came to Switch last year, and it is a hell of a time. Super solid mechanics, with absurdly brilliant graphics. Its like playing the anime!

Anyway, due to its success, we’re now being treated to a whole slew of new fighters (Z?) to beat each-other up with.
They’ll be available under the “FighterZ pack 2“, which will launch for 30 dollars. Or you can pick and choose who you want by simply buying the characters separately.

Up first, and confirmed a few days ago is Jiren. The bug-eyed alien dude who wants to kill you.
His move-set seems power-focused, and looks to play in a similar fashion to Cell.
He’ll be available to play on January 31st, along with Videl (who I’m honestly a lot more excited for) she’s quick and fights along-side the great Saiyaman. (any excuse to see him in-game just makes me happy).
He’s tied into her moveset however, so you won’t be controlling him so much as prompting his appearance via combos or whatever.

They didn’t stop there, either! The video goes on to confirm that there’ll be six new characters released, and that the two to follow Videl and Jiren are to be Broly (DBS) and Gogeta (SSGSS). Sweet!

All content will be available at the same time on Switch/PS4/Xbox One and PC.

Here’s the trailer, for those curious:

What do you think? You excited for more Fighters? Did your most-wanted character get announced? Let me know!

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