Nintendo’s recent box-art is a big step up

Have you noticed how undeniably good Nintendo’s section in a game store looks in recent years? Whether you have or haven’t, you’ve probably unconsciously found yourself drawn to that shelf more than a couple of times.
This is in no small part thanks to the bold, bright, masterfully pieced together box-arts that first-party Nintendo Switch titles boast.

It wasn’t always this way, of course. With the release of the Switch, Nintendo seems to have put a much greater focus on presentation and ensuring that designers follow a definite formula of tightly packed, colourful covers.
The goal is to create a “busy” scene. I say busy rather loosely, as while these pieces are technically packed with information, there is a hell of an amount of clever use of space and colour at play here.
How it comes together at the end is rather unlike the approach most other companies go for however, often leaving no breathing room in the usual sense, but rather packing the scene to the brim and simply making some objects more important than others.
It takes real skill to pull off what they do, and seeing Nintendo take advantage of pushing their brand and identity in this way speaks volumes of the good mental shift that has happened in there lately. Continue reading Nintendo’s recent box-art is a big step up


Hopes and predictions for Pokemon 2019

So… We’ve battled through the storm that was the year of “Wait that’s not a mainline game! Or is it? What is that.” and come out the other side stronger, albeit slightly battered.

Joking aside, Pokemon Let’s Go was actually a fun game, and much better designed than a lot of us expected.
As for whether that makes it a mainline game or not, I… I honestly still don’t know. Like, does anyone really know? I know Gamefreak says it is one, but is that just a marketing gimmick or… Okay we’re getting sidetracked here. Continue reading Hopes and predictions for Pokemon 2019

Precursorgames Game Awards 2018

Hard to believe a full year has gone by, but hey, here we are, about to start the first annual Precursorgames Game Awards (a better name will have to be made some time).
We are undoubtedly living in a golden age of gaming, what with the Switch and PS4 offering masterpieces on nearly a six month basis, its madness! And I am so here for it.

Of course, I didn’t get to play anywhere near all of the best releases this year (I still haven’t played God of War or Spiderman).
Now, because of this, and because I simply can’t play everything in a year, we’re not going to be sticking exclusively to games that released in 2018. Continue reading Precursorgames Game Awards 2018

A returning player’s perspective on League of Legends in 2018

league of legends 2018 header

I used to play a lot of League of Legends back in the day. Like… A lot. Way too much. As I’m sure happens for many people, it became a bit of a problem, and I had to dial it back in order to get my life back in order.
I did this gradually, and eventually quit and didn’t touch it for years… Until a week or two ago. Continue reading A returning player’s perspective on League of Legends in 2018

Why is everyone so mad at Blizzard? The Diablo Immortal disaster

blizzard immortal disaster header

Blizzard just held their annual Blizzon, at which they made several announcements regarding updates to their games. A new Overwatch character, new cards for Hearthstone, you know the drill.
But then of course, to close out the show, they rile up excitement for one more big announcement.
At this point, journalists and fans alike are all anticipating the same thing; Diablo 4.  Continue reading Why is everyone so mad at Blizzard? The Diablo Immortal disaster

The Discord game store is fantastic, but has one pretty major problem

discord store problem titelhead

If you were to sit me down and ask me what my favourite company currently going was, I would wholeheartedly tell you that it is Discord.
The way they operate, joke about, provide clear updates, and most of all, the product they provide. All of these add up to a company I feel good about supporting in any and all ways.

I say this because I’m about to throw a negative their way, and I want to be clear that it’s only because I love them, and want their service and product to be the very best it can be.  Continue reading The Discord game store is fantastic, but has one pretty major problem

The current state of updates in modern gaming

big updates title

How recently have you bought a brand new game, paid full price, and brought it home only to be greeted with a massive, several gigabyte update?
Oh it happens every time? Yeah, I know right. It’s not okay, and we need to talk about it.

Basically every AAA game to release in the last few years has come with what we’re calling the “day one patch”. Now, in a lot of cases, this is okay. Not great, but okay. You’ll get over it.
Where I take issue however, is when these updates exceed roughly the 2GB mark. As here, things start taking a while, and eating into what should be game time.  Continue reading The current state of updates in modern gaming