Ni no kuni II: Revenant kingdom – The precursorgames review

Ni no kuni 2 review title

The sequel that no one saw coming, but everyone wanted. Ni no kuni II offers a rather different experience to the original, whilst mostly retaining the high standards set in place by it.
This time around, we’re introduced to our main character, not as an innocent little boy from the real world, but as the crown prince, and acting king of Ni no kuni itself.
Coming from this angle gives us an immediate idea as to the angle this game is going for, that being a Ni no kuni-centric plot, revolving around a single large world map. Continue reading Ni no kuni II: Revenant kingdom – The precursorgames review


Monster Hunter World – The precursorgames review

Monster hunter world review title

Here I am, on Spider-man day, posting a review that is not Spider-man, because Spider-man is expensive.
But who needs to Swing about a gigantic city, I tell myself in an attempt to cheer up, when you can swing over-sized swords at the heads of over-sized lizards.

Monster Hunter world does for the Monster hunting series, what Breath of the Wild did for Zelda. We’re living in a time when games once shackled to specific formulas are given the technology to grow and expand in ways we never could never have hoped for only a few years ago.
Ever since Tri on the Wii, I’ve been a massive fan of the series, and have followed it entry by entry (bar XX on 3DS), and have experienced first-hand both it’s ambitious leaps forward and it’s growing pains.  Continue reading Monster Hunter World – The precursorgames review

Mario Tennis: Aces – The precursorgames review

mario tennis aces review title

Mario Tennis: Aces is a swing in the right direction for Nintendo, but fails to add enough to the series to really keep players invested in the long run.
At this point, Mario has tried just about every sport under the sun, and usually his sporting endeavours fail to catch my interest, but I’ve got a soft spot for tennis, and with this title releasing right in time for Wimbledon, ah, Nintendo, you got me. Continue reading Mario Tennis: Aces – The precursorgames review

Hollow Knight – The precursorgames review

Hollow knight review title

It’s not often that a game grabs me quite like Hollow Knight has. It’s beautifully crafted world, filled to the absolute brim with rich characters and near endless secrets to discover, has me coming back time and time again.
Nearly ten hours after completing the main objective, and I’m still discovering at a rampant pace, with a large enough backlog of unfinished quests to see that this game isn’t going to let me go any time soon.

Continue reading Hollow Knight – The precursorgames review