Official Discord server now live, come and hang out!

discord announcement title

Want a comfy place to hang out and chat about video-games? Maybe trade friend codes and play together?
Well, have I got the place for you!
The precursorgames official Discord server is now live and waiting for you.

To join, just follow this here link and get involved with the chatroom;

In time, with any luck, we’ll have a community of friendly players (or non-players, all are welcome) happily chatting and keeping things alive.

Welp, I’ll see you there! Please wipe your feet on the way in, we like to keep things tidy.


Patch notes; 30/08/18

maintenance complete

All done. Now don’t freak out, I know changes are scary, but I promise you these are all good ones. The goal here was to future-proof the site, so there won’t be any need for any weird sudden changes in the future.
Let’s get into it. Continue reading Patch notes; 30/08/18

Site maintenance today, do excuse the mess

maintenance title

As the site continues to grow, so does the pile of unsorted content. In an effort to sort this, things may be slightly out of whack today if you’re browsing around.
Just know that this is temporary, and things will¬† be back up and running as usual soon.¬† Continue reading Site maintenance today, do excuse the mess