Okami Is Coming To Everything Except Switch This Holiday


Okami, the critically acclaimed action-adventure game from Capcom, is being re-released once again for all current gen consoles… Bar the Nintendo Switch. Which is understandable, as the game was no doubt in development before it was clear to developers that the Switch was a success, but it is a shame.
I wouldn’t be too surprised to see it show up on the console a little further down the line though, I suppose we’ll see.

Either way, it’s great to see this coming to the consoles that we actually have plugged in these days, and I’m quite excited to play it again. The screenshot button will likely be pressed more than anything else.

You can watch the reveal trailer below;


Okami HD will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 12.



The Old But New


Pokemon Gold and Silver originally released for the Gameboy Color back in 1999, and despite being a bit of a Pokemon fanatic myself, I didn’t think much of it when they were announced to be coming to the 3DS Virtual console.

Until, that is, they revealed that you would be able to purchase them in recreated Gameboy packaging. The inner collector in me had a fit and when the opportunity came, I immediately purchased both copies, which, to my delight, only came to a total of £16.00 GB.

Despite happily ordering both versions, I never expected to get into it like I have.

These are the only set of Pokemon games I had never played, but after playing the original Red version, and going a little crazy over how slow it was, I thought it best to leave the oldest versions to be.

Pokemon Gold and Silver are the definition of how to create a sequel. A trait that games these days could really learn from.

Not only are the games in color, with 100 new Pokemon, an entire second region (something that has yet to be in another game), and a host of quality of life improvements, these games are -faster-!

Unlike from generation 3 onward, you do not receive running shoes from your mom. So you are left to bop about at about one square a second, but it doesn’t feel slow like it did in Pokemon Red.

Everything about these games is a delight, and if you are any bit a Pokemon fan, you will no doubt adore them as I do.

I’m currently sitting on about 14 and a half hours and seven gym badges, all whilst being on a trip to Italy! Where did I even find the time.

Pokemon Gold and Silver are available to download now on the Nintendo 3DS Eshop.