Precursorgames Game Awards 2018

Hard to believe a full year has gone by, but hey, here we are, about to start the first annual Precursorgames Game Awards (a better name will have to be made some time).
We are undoubtedly living in a golden age of gaming, what with the Switch and PS4 offering masterpieces on nearly a six month basis, its madness! And I am so here for it.

Of course, I didn’t get to play anywhere near all of the best releases this year (I still haven’t played God of War or Spiderman).
Now, because of this, and because I simply can’t play everything in a year, we’re not going to be sticking exclusively to games that released in 2018. Continue reading Precursorgames Game Awards 2018


A returning player’s perspective on League of Legends in 2018

league of legends 2018 header

I used to play a lot of League of Legends back in the day. Like… A lot. Way too much. As I’m sure happens for many people, it became a bit of a problem, and I had to dial it back in order to get my life back in order.
I did this gradually, and eventually quit and didn’t touch it for years… Until a week or two ago. Continue reading A returning player’s perspective on League of Legends in 2018

I bought a new 3DS in 2018 – Whaaaat?

new 3ds overhead

When exploring Nintendo fan threads on the internet these days, a complaint I’ll sadly come across quite often is that “Nintendo should stop supporting the 3DS and give us everything on Switch!!”, and while I understand the want for everything to be on the latest and greatest, personally, I still love my 3DS. It’s the perfect travel buddy. Continue reading I bought a new 3DS in 2018 – Whaaaat?

Upcoming titles I’m excited for in 2018


2018 has already been so jam-packed with quality titles, it’s hard to keep up. Monster Hunter World, Ni No Kuni 2, Mario Tennis Aces, just to name a few.
But enough about them, let’s talk about some games that aren’t out yet.
I’m going to go in chronological order here…

Continue reading Upcoming titles I’m excited for in 2018