March is a hell of a month for video-games

March 2019 games header.png

Having happily strode into 2019 now, we look to the future at what’s coming up. What’s the next big thing we get to play? And when? Well, turns out, a large chunk of what’s to look forward to is all releasing in March. However convenient that may or may not be is yet to be seen, but it’s certainly happening.

Have no fear though, I’m here to give you the run-down on what’s what, and when to rush into the nearest game store. (I know I will be with a couple of these). Continue reading March is a hell of a month for video-games

Hopes and predictions for Pokemon 2019

So… We’ve battled through the storm that was the year of “Wait that’s not a mainline game! Or is it? What is that.” and come out the other side stronger, albeit slightly battered.

Joking aside, Pokemon Let’s Go was actually a fun game, and much better designed than a lot of us expected.
As for whether that makes it a mainline game or not, I… I honestly still don’t know. Like, does anyone really know? I know Gamefreak says it is one, but is that just a marketing gimmick or… Okay we’re getting sidetracked here. Continue reading Hopes and predictions for Pokemon 2019