Nindies Direct highlights

Did y’all catch that Nindies Direct? No? Well, I can’t blame you if you didn’t. It came and went in a snap. Hell, they announced it was happening, and showcased it all within 24 hours!

Madness, right? Why not hype it up? Well as it turned out, it was only a 15 minute direct, and only boasted the bare minimum “highlight” points.

Not to say the highlights weren’t fantastic, but you can see why they didn’t want to hype things up too much. Continue reading Nindies Direct highlights


UPDATE: Postponed until further notice. Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow!

nintendo direct tomorrw header

UPDATE: Due to a large earthquake in the northern Hokkaido region of Japan, the direct has been postponed until further notice.
If you’d like to help those affected in these tragic times, here’s a link to where you can donate:

Nintendo just officially announced a Direct, scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm PT, or 11pm in the UK. Weird, it’s not usually on so late.
But hold up, it’s set to feature a full thirty five minutes of information. Thirty five!
It’s like E3 all over again. Really makes you appreciate these more frequent showings,  things feel like a year-round celebration.  Continue reading UPDATE: Postponed until further notice. Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow!

Holy smokes, Nintendo is on a roll with these Nindie directs

nindies 2 titlehead

So many good titles were just announced, it’s madness.
A good amount of them are set to release.. Quite soon, too? I did not expect this much excitement.

Right off the bat we’re treated to an announcement a lot of people (myself included) were hoping for, and that is the news that “Hyper Light Drifter” is making it’s way onto Nintendo Switch on September 6th. That’s only a little over a week away. Nice!
It’s a special edition too, so there are some new bonuses, such as new weapons, etc.
You can even pre-purchase from the eshop today! Continue reading Holy smokes, Nintendo is on a roll with these Nindie directs

Hang on, what… Another Nindies direct?!


Okay, I know they said “more coming very soon” but I did not expect another full direct this soon, what. This makes me question if this is more the “real” direct, since the last one was technically titled a “showcase”? And focused on much smaller titles. Neat, if so.

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So hey, a direct happened.

direct overhead

Ohoho, it actually happened. Morphies Law and all.
It was actually a much longer presentation than expected as well, a full 20 minutes! Goodness.

So what did we get? Well… Not a lot, for most people. But in the case of supporting smaller studios, Nintendo is nailing it. It’s fantastic to see some of these (very small) upcoming developers given a platform to showcase their work.

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Nindies direct coming tomorrow, Monday 20th?!

nindies overhead

Okay, okay, hear me out on this.

So we all know we’re due another one of these smaller directs, highlighting some of the yet to be released indie titles heading to Switch. Since E3, I think anyone who follows Nintendo has been watching, and waiting, to see… What’s up. Because surely, we all say, there is more to see.

Now, after quite a few rumours of August directs and whatnot, I’m not totally surprised to see a couple of indie studios beginning to hype up the same specific date.

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