Nindies Direct highlights

Did y’all catch that Nindies Direct? No? Well, I can’t blame you if you didn’t. It came and went in a snap. Hell, they announced it was happening, and showcased it all within 24 hours!

Madness, right? Why not hype it up? Well as it turned out, it was only a 15 minute direct, and only boasted the bare minimum “highlight” points.

Not to say the highlights weren’t fantastic, but you can see why they didn’t want to hype things up too much. Continue reading Nindies Direct highlights


Lego Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit can no longer be bought digitally

I wouldn’t normally report on something like this, but I find this to be a particularly strange situation given the stature of these games.
No, its not like “The last of us” is no longer available to buy or anything, but these were competent games. Aimed primarily at a younger audience, sure, but they’re well made, and kids go mad for them. Continue reading Lego Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit can no longer be bought digitally

Precursorgames Game Awards 2018

Hard to believe a full year has gone by, but hey, here we are, about to start the first annual Precursorgames Game Awards (a better name will have to be made some time).
We are undoubtedly living in a golden age of gaming, what with the Switch and PS4 offering masterpieces on nearly a six month basis, its madness! And I am so here for it.

Of course, I didn’t get to play anywhere near all of the best releases this year (I still haven’t played God of War or Spiderman).
Now, because of this, and because I simply can’t play everything in a year, we’re not going to be sticking exclusively to games that released in 2018. Continue reading Precursorgames Game Awards 2018

The current state of updates in modern gaming

big updates title

How recently have you bought a brand new game, paid full price, and brought it home only to be greeted with a massive, several gigabyte update?
Oh it happens every time? Yeah, I know right. It’s not okay, and we need to talk about it.

Basically every AAA game to release in the last few years has come with what we’re calling the “day one patch”. Now, in a lot of cases, this is okay. Not great, but okay. You’ll get over it.
Where I take issue however, is when these updates exceed roughly the 2GB mark. As here, things start taking a while, and eating into what should be game time.  Continue reading The current state of updates in modern gaming