Monster Hunter World – The precursorgames review

Monster hunter world review title

Here I am, on Spider-man day, posting a review that is not Spider-man, because Spider-man is expensive.
But who needs to Swing about a gigantic city, I tell myself in an attempt to cheer up, when you can swing over-sized swords at the heads of over-sized lizards.

Monster Hunter world does for the Monster hunting series, what Breath of the Wild did for Zelda. We’re living in a time when games once shackled to specific formulas are given the technology to grow and expand in ways we never could never have hoped for only a few years ago.
Ever since Tri on the Wii, I’ve been a massive fan of the series, and have followed it entry by entry (bar XX on 3DS), and have experienced first-hand both it’s ambitious leaps forward and it’s growing pains.  Continue reading Monster Hunter World – The precursorgames review