Aragami: Shadow Edition heading to Switch this Fall

aragami overhead

Aragami, the clever stealth game by “Merge Games” is confirmed to be getting a Switch release this fall. Neat!

The package includes the full base game, the “Nightfall” expansion, and the “Assassins Mask” DLC. Sweet.
Third party support for the Switch has been nothing but fantastic lately, and it’s showing no signs of letting up, I love it! I’ll be checking this one out for sure.

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There are still so many Wii U ports I want to happen

switch wii u ports header

It’s not hard to find people complaining about Nintendo porting too many Wii U games to Switch. They see it as a waste of time, they feel as if these ports are taking the places of what could have been exciting new games.
This, of course, is absolutely not the case. A port is so much easier than a full game, it’s laughable. The amount of planning, conceptualising, producing, testing, that goes into a full game is huge.  Continue reading There are still so many Wii U ports I want to happen

Hollow Knight – The precursorgames review

Hollow knight review title

It’s not often that a game grabs me quite like Hollow Knight has. It’s beautifully crafted world, filled to the absolute brim with rich characters and near endless secrets to discover, has me coming back time and time again.
Nearly ten hours after completing the main objective, and I’m still discovering at a rampant pace, with a large enough backlog of unfinished quests to see that this game isn’t going to let me go any time soon.

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A Hat in Time confirmed for Switch! + new DLC

hat in time switch header.png

Ahaha, there she is.

As hoped, Gears for Breakfast just announced over on their Twitch that A hat in Time, plus its new DLC pack, “Seal the Deal” featuring a lot of seals (I love it.) will release on Nintendo Switch “soon”.
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So hey, a direct happened.

direct overhead

Ohoho, it actually happened. Morphies Law and all.
It was actually a much longer presentation than expected as well, a full 20 minutes! Goodness.

So what did we get? Well… Not a lot, for most people. But in the case of supporting smaller studios, Nintendo is nailing it. It’s fantastic to see some of these (very small) upcoming developers given a platform to showcase their work.

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Nindies direct coming tomorrow, Monday 20th?!

nindies overhead

Okay, okay, hear me out on this.

So we all know we’re due another one of these smaller directs, highlighting some of the yet to be released indie titles heading to Switch. Since E3, I think anyone who follows Nintendo has been watching, and waiting, to see… What’s up. Because surely, we all say, there is more to see.

Now, after quite a few rumours of August directs and whatnot, I’m not totally surprised to see a couple of indie studios beginning to hype up the same specific date.

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It’s (finally) official, Diablo 3 is coming to the Switch!

diablo overhead

After months of having it supposedly confirmed, and then un-confirmed, multiple times. Blizzard’s popular Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is officially announced for Switch!
As well as the full base game, this version will feature the “Reaper of Souls” expansion and “Rise of the Necromancer” DLC on the cartridge. Neat.  Continue reading It’s (finally) official, Diablo 3 is coming to the Switch!